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Russian Silhouette / Vernissage / Ursula Kirchner

Ursula Kirchner.

----------------------------------- Ursula KIRCHNER
Ursula Kirhner (1931) was born in Shtutgard.
Ursula was six years old when she had begin make paper-cut arts.
The first exhibition of her works was held in 1975 in her native city. Then there were many exhibitions in southern areas of Germany and in Switzerland.
In 1982 Ursula Kirhner made illustrations for a publication of verses by Helmut Pfister.
In 1983 an album with Ursula's illustrations to Ovidi poem "Metamorphoses" was published by one of Shtutgard publishing houses.
Ursula Kirhner gives a lot of attention to various styles and traditions Papercut-art.
In her pictures the rich world of the imagination is shown. She cuts without preliminary figure. Sometimes for the decision of tasks of the several plans in a picture Ursula uses opportunities of a collage. The pictures from Ursula are relief and very expressive.

Ursula Kirchner.

Ursula Kirchner.

Ursula Kirchner.

Ursula Kirchner.

Ursula Kirchner.
Scherenschnitt-Bild 18 x 27 cm.

Ursula Kirchner.
Die Illustration zu " Die grosse Flut aus" Metamorfphosen Ovids, 14,5 x 18 cm .

Ursula Kirchner.
Die Illustration zu " Die grosse Flut aus" Metamorfphosen Ovids, 18 x 14,5 cm .
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